Have you ever heard of “Divine Healing”? Me neither!

I didn’t know what to expect this morning when I was driving to Global Rainbow Foundation to meet Tanja Aeckersberg and Anne Hübner, two “divine healers” from Germany. In my mind I was going over all my ailments to share with them! Little did I know that “divine healing” does not involve any physical contact and does not require any medical history.

Meeting Tanja and Anne was like being bathed in a divine light. I was astounded to learn of the many countries where they have performed their healing skills. From India to Italy, from Germany to the Vatican. Anne Hübner and Tanja Aeckersberg, are among the most important spiritual healers of the new age. “Divine alignment” was born in Germany in 1995 thanks to Anne Hübner and Pjotr Elcunoviz. Anne is a gifted medium who has helped cure so many people around the world. She has got the divine gift and she is trained in Reiki.

Tanja is a healer and naturopath. She is a spiritual master and teacher and a straightening therapist. She was born with a severe curvature of the spine and the Doctor’s verdict was that it was a lifelong ailment. In delving deeply into “divine healing” she found her own healing.

Briefly we were told about our chakra. We learned that the most common diseases which are back pain, lumbago, misaligned neck, muscle tension, etc. may cause the following disorders: differing leg lengths, curved spine, back pain, sciatica, cervical, dorsal and lumbar vertebral syndrome, slipped vertebrae, groin pain, arthritis in the knees and pelvis, osteoporosis, impaired vision, renal congestion, high blood pressure, nervous disorders and many more ailments.

After the theory came the practical tests. We first dealt with the Earth Power Charging Station in the form of a map. A volunteer was called forth and he was asked to spread his arms at the level of the shoulder. Force was applied to bend one of his arms. There was some resistance from the volunteer. But when he was asked to bend one knee at the same time, his level of resistance went down considerably. He stood on the Earth Power Map for 2 minutes and the same exercise was repeated. This time he could withstand the force quite easily and his arm wouldn’t bend.

Amazing wouldn’t you say? But there was more to come. I volunteered to see if I needed any straightening of the spine. In front of an audience, first my shoulders were measured and the ruler showed clearly that I have one shoulder higher than the other. This fact has gone unnoticed ever since I was born. The spine was also a little bit skewed.

Then I was asked to sit down with my legs stretched straight in front of me. And it was there for everybody to see: one leg was definitely shorter than the other. I did notice that my shoes tend to wear out on one side but never in my wildest dream did I think that I was living with a leg shorter than the other by at least 2 cm.

Then I was told to lie down and this is where the whole group witnessed a miracle: Anne Hübner mentally aligned my spine without physical contact and when I sat down again on the bed, my legs were perfectly the same length. And I was feeling much better. Lighter, able to breathe better, much more relaxed. She has proceeded to correct the pelvic obliquity (shifted pelvis, combined with an equalization of leg lengths and spinal alignment).

The people who filed after me were suffering from crooked or twisted spine and had their pelvises straightened, had their legs made the same length, had their spine completely straightened, and had their worst scoliosis regressed, even if already ossified.

I spent an illuminating morning and I will never forget Anne and Tanja who gave me a new lease on life by the divine straightening.

Vielen  Dank.

Sashi Jaddoo

6 April 2019

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